Fee Schedule

2023 Fee Schedule

Share Draft Fees
Fee Description Per Amount
Share Draft Copy Item 4.00
Share Draft Stop Payment Item 20.00
Series 30.00
ACH Stop Payment Item 20.00
ACH/Share Draft NSF Fee Item 20.00
Return ACH/Share Draft Fee Item 30.00
**ACH Manual Processing Item 5.00
Amended Fee Schedules Item/Paid or Returned 30.00
Visa®/Visa® Debit Damaged Replacement Card Card 5.00
Visa®/Visa® Debit Rush Card Fee Event 30.00 – 60.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Fee Description Per Amount
Statement Copy Month 1.00 per page
6 Months +/1 Year 12.50/25.00
Outgoing Wire Fee Item 15.00
Subordination Request Fixed Rate/PrimeLine 150.00/200.00
Copy of Corp Share Draft Item 4.00
CU Bank Checks Made to 3rd Party Item 2.00
Returned Deposit Check 10.00
Money Order Item 2.00
Money Order Stop Payment Item 20.00
Traveler’s Checks (Single) Item Free
(Dual Signature) 100.00 .50
Gift Check (25,50,100) Item 1.25
Dormant Account Fee Month 2.00
Account Reconciliation Hour 25.00
Early Christmas Club Closure Fee   5.00

 Approved BD. MTG. 07/23/18

**New Fee Effective 10/1/18, No changes to other fees