Collateral Loans

We treat all loans for the purchase of collateral the same. So whether you’re buying new or used, you’ll get the benefit of a low “new car” rate.

The rate you pay will be based on the percentage of retail value you finance, the length of repayment term you select, and your credit history.

You may even be able to refinance a loan you’ve taken someplace else at a lower credit union rate.

And don’t forget the convenience of payroll deduction, automatic transfers from your share or checking account, or payments you set up using Virtual Branch ® Home Banking. You’ll never have to write another check for your loan again.

It’s Time to Cure Your Cabin Fever…

Wherever you want to go – on the water, in the woods or over a winding road – let us help you get there! With our affordable recreational vehicle, motorcycle or boat loans! So, pack up your bags and plan your next big adventure! Travel over to our application center, once completed send the application along with your most recent pay stub to us by mail, email or drop it off at the office.

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